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We are confident Info Quick Local will encourage you to focus on how you market your products and services and in what areas it can be used to maximise its ability to generate leads for your business.

We firmly believe that once you witness how easy and quick it is for you to use then you will quickly embrace the concept and see what excellent value for money it really is!

You can witness first hand the power of Info Quick Local by sharing a Skype call with us where we will take you through the following LIVE processes;

  • Brief introduction to Info Quick Local
  • Setting up a demo KeyWord or KeyCode of your choice
  • Setting up the demo text message content that you choose
  • Taking a URL from a web site of your choice
  • Shortening that URL and embedding it into the text message
  • Making a LIVE test of the demo you've just set up
  • Checking the results of that test
  • Decide which option is best given your market sector
  • ... and other processes

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