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We don't expect you to take our word that the platform could transform areas of your business nor that it has the capacity to develop a more proactive role as far as sales are concerned.

But if there is even a smithering of interest then there is only one way to find out if it can really help your business. We believe that once you witness how easy it is for you and your staff to use then you will quickly embrace the concept and see what excellent value for money it really is!

Witness the power of the Platform by sharing a Skype call with us where we will take you through the following LIVE demonstrations;

  • Sending a pre-formatted text message
  • Setting up and sending a new text message
  • Taking a URL from a web site of your choice, shortening it and compiling a new text message containing the shortened URL
  • Setting up a Keyword for a product or service of your choice and testing the outcome of the engagement
  • Creating, searching and editing a reminder text message set up for a client appointment
  • Instigating and engaging in an Instant Messaging session
  • Setting up and sending a vCard with your contact details
  • ... and various other processes

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