Missed and Late Appointments !

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We all know how difficult it is sometimes to keep an appointment but for the vast majority of us it is merely a case of making a call and re-arranging to a more convenient date. However we are not all the same and appointments can get completely overlooked or perhaps deliberately missed but irrespective of the reason there is always a casualty which is the business !

Everyone is aware of the ongoing financial pressures that our NHS is under and in particular GP surgeries where there is a ground swell of opinion that they should open longer hours to accommodate the demands of their patients.

Whether this is right or wrong is open to very lengthy debate but one thing is for sure that missed and late appointments not only exasperates the financial pressures but the knock on effect can ripple through to other areas of the NHS as the article opposite from www.gponline.com explains.

Missed and late appointments are very damaging for businesses across all sectors but management are very reluctant to impose penalties on customers unless they are persistent offenders. Not only does the business lose the revenue from that appointment but because they often never know until the last minute then they're unable to offer that appointment to another client or more worringly a new customer.

Depending entirely on the number of appointments a business has every day then assigning a member of staff to make reminder calls a few days before a customer's appointment whilst making a great deal of sense is however quite labour intensive.

Info Quick have developed an appointment reminder system that offers the following benefits to those businesses who are financially reliant on customers keeping their appointments...

  • Fully automated system
  • Releases staff to do more productive tasks
  • Customer receives a reminder by text message
  • Can set up more than one reminder per appointment
  • Can import customer data records
  • Print off reminders setup between any two dates
We would strongly recommend sharing a Skype session with Info Quick so you can see first hand how straightforward it is to use this system and especially as it is built as a stand alone system and is perfect for those businesses that are still reliant on a paper and pen booking system!