Putting property details into buyers hands fast is at the heart of the Info Quick system

Proven Instruction Winner

Shrewsbury Estate Agent ZJ and B have exclusive use of the Info Quick SMS Platform for the SY postcode area and have experienced a positive increase in new instructions since they started promoting the service in their weekly newspaper advertising. They also use it on listings shown in their high street window which is excellent during out of hours and even when they're open quite often buyers don't want to engage fully at that moment in time.

Partner Sahim Zaza says...

"From an Agents perspective we are always skeptical when it comes to a new concept particularly when it comes to OFFLINE discussions. We tend to aim to target quantity as opposed to quality. We understood the Info quick concept quickly and decided on a trial launch within the local Property paper.

Most new concepts require time to prove themselves however we were overwhelmed at the speed of reaction from both Vendors and Buyers which has in turn given us a leading edge over our competitors and in addition put us number one for instructions within our Local Market.

But the most important aspect is that we can within reason engage with our local readers which is something that has never been available to Agents."

House buyers on seeing a property they like in any offline environment, irrespective of whether that's in the local newspaper, magazine, sale board, agents window, or even through word of mouth, they are going to want to get the property details as soon as possible.

That means exactly that... as quickly as possible... they don't have the time for endless filtering of irrelevant properties and getting lost down a black hole on the agent's website or even the nationwide portals!

This is what Info Quick delivers as it will take you to those details in less than ten seconds which is well within the tolerance levels of most 21st century consumers!

But don't take our word for it try it yourself by texting any of the six property codes on our dummy advert and see what happens! It will be treated as a standard text message by your mobile provider.

Text your code to: 01743 56 20 40

Info Quick UK Ltd. are now in the process of rolling the project out across the UK and will be looking to secure estate agents for all postcode areas.

"Info Quick is not going to produce high volume responses" explains MD Brian Foster.

"Info Quick is ALL about generating highly qualified leads. It creates a situation where you are told immediately that someone has just downloaded the details of a client's property. But the system then goes one crucial stage have the ability to then interact with that buyer!"

He explained that the business world is engrossed in analysing web traffic to the 'enth' degree and are lead down this path that only traffic that has a lot of noughts on the end is going to be worthwile analysing!

"It is a serious business and a great deal of what is said is very, very true but one can lose sight of the fact that we still live in an offline world and by focusing on this area as well it can pay real dividends".

Some of the benefits of the system for an agent are...

  • Exclusivity of postcode area/s.
  • Increased chance of securing new instructions.
  • Charging structure geared to usage.
  • Easily managed with no software to download.
  • Almost certainly a FREE service to consumers.
  • ...and so much more
To secure your postcode area and arrange for a video Skype call to see for yourself how the system works then call Brian Foster on 01743 581425 or complete the form below.

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