Pricing - built around usage !

We have set out our pricing structure below which we believe is extremely good value for money when you consider the functionality the Platform provides and what it can achieve in generating new business leads whilst at the same time adding value to the services you provide to existing customers.

We firmly believe that your costs should be linked to your usage so if it's working then you will continue to use the Platform and if not then you can walk away! So we have a modest setup fee and a month to month subscription which, after the first three months, you are free to cancel at anytime providing you give us 7 days notice.

Prices ex vat
Up to 3
Up to 5
Setup Fee
£ 399
£ 499
£ 599
£ 50
£ 145
£ 245
Excess Rate
Charge Rate
One CREDIT is equal to:
ONE sent pre-formatted or newly created text message
ONE sent Appointment Reminder
THREE Instant Message Chat Sessions
see below for full details
  • Setup Fee: One off payment which covers allocation of Info Quick number/s and formatting of platform
  • Monthly:The system works on a month to month subscription which can be cancelled at anytime after month three
  • CREDITS:These are the amount of inclusive credits (see value above) in the subscription payment
  • Excess Rate:Any usage in excess of the inclusive credits will be charged for at this rate per credit and collected seperately
  • INBOUND SMS:You will be assigned your own unique Info Quick number (landline or mobile) to be used in all your Inbound marketing activities. This means that from a charging perspective they are completely separate to your outbound SMS and are therefore not part of the inclusive SMS credits. You only pay the fees shown when consumers engage with a keyword and should be considered as "lead generation" fees. They will be collected at the end of each month through the payment arrangements we will have put in place as part of the setup.
  • INBOUND SMS - STANDALONE: Depending on your business requirements there may be circumstances where you only require the Inbound SMS system using keywords and keycodes integrated into your offline marketing activities with only a basic outbound text messaging functionality. These systems are a bespoke build and quoted for seperately but once built and live then one of the benefits for those wishing to consider this option is that there are no ongoing monthly fees... indeed the only commitment would be the annual service charge. SMS Fees are charged on usage so if there is no interaction by consumers with the allocated Info Quick number then NO fees are charged and so are therefore considered as lead generation fees.
    Please contact Info Quick to discuss this option further.


Our charging structure provides an inclusive number of credits for your monthly subscription. If you exceed these inclusive credits at anytime during the month then you will be charged as shown above. The excess fees would be collected automatically under the payment arrangements we put in place as part of the setup process.

Alternatively you can increase your monthly subscription payment in order to secure a higher level of inclusive credits which would be the most sensible action to take if you feel you will be exceeding your subscription level on a regular basis.

However if this is just an occasional excess then you can buy a bundle of additional credits as shown below. The benefit of doing this is that providing you buy them before the end of the month where you have exceeded your inclusive credits then they do not expire unlike the inclusive credits on your monthly subscription.

Also the rate per credit is around 15% cheaper than having the payment deducted from your card at the end of the month. You will receive an alert from our system as soon as you exceed the inclusive credit level so you will be given the opportunity to make your decision.

  1 User   Up to 3   Up to 5
CREDIT cost   0.0925   0.0833   0.0786
CREDIT bundles Amount Pay Amount Pay Amount Pay
100 9.25 200 15.73 500 37.00
200 16.65 500 35.38 1000 66.60
  500 39.31 1000 66.83 2000 125.80