The SMS Desktop Platform

SMS, Keyword Lead Generation, Instant Messaging, Reminders, Automated SMS all in one place!

Here we provide a brief overview of a platform that helps a business ENGAGE more effectively with existing customers whilst at the same time generating high quality leads BUT to experience the "Power of the Platform" register for a LIVE one to one SKYPE SESSION!

Secure Access

All platforms will only be accessible by registered staff members which ensures management can easily monitor and trace activity when necessary as all actions within the platform are apportioned to logged in staff. The limits on the number of users (registered staff) allowed access will depend on the level of subscription.

Pre-formatted and Inbound SMS

Clicking on any one of the buttons [1] will place the pre-formatted text message in the box [2] immediately above ready for sending. For all those businesses involved in offline marketing then [3] is where you set up your keywords to be used in these campaigns and from where all inbound data is analysed providing a quite unique tool !

Data Capture and SMS Replies

Staff dealing with calls where they're going to send a text message can easily use the Data Capture [4] section to save important data. These fields can be set to whatever subject a business requires. The platform default window opens to show RECEIVED text messages [5] which is particularly important for responses to appointment reminders which are coloured in green (YES) and red (NO).

Sent SMS and Database

Every time a text message is sent the platform will save this data which you can view by clicking the button [6] then using the search function to quickly find all text messages sent to any mobile number. We also provide fast access [7] to the Data Capture records which when clicked will drop down a scrollable list of all data records with full search functionality on any of the fields you've set up.

Instant Messaging - your own Chat

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to speak to businesses and certainly with an old fashioned phone call then the ability to offer your customers a one to one chat environment has become a very serious consideration for businesses who recognise this as excellent added value. Why... because it helps considerably to receive positive reviews which we all know will be reflected through your social media channels.

Instant Messaging - Saves & Searches

We believe it is important to provide customers with a transcript of the instant messaging conversations they have with a business and so when they tap on CLOSE they will be asked if they want a transcript emailing to them. From the businesses perspective this also means as well as capturing their mobile number they will now have their email address. Conversations between two dates can be searched for by the user.

Reminders - Set date

For any business whose revenue is built around client appoinments then the Platform provides a superb system where a text message is sent to your customer to remind them of an upcoming appointment. Missed and late appointments can cause major disruption and lost revenue. Setting up a reminder is easily done with a couple of clicks on the picker [10] to first of all select the date and time.

Reminders - Set text message/s

The system allows you to send two reminders providing a little flexibility in that some clients may only need one reminder but others perhaps two! We would suggest a week and then 24hrs before is about right. They are easily set up by clicking in either of the "Reminder" boxes [11] where a date and time picker will open up [12]. The message received will be a default message that the business decides on in the setup process.

Business Website - Embedded

Every business will have their own website embedded into the platform structure as shown in [14] and have full navigational capabilities. The Platform design has been for a business to stay in one place to send text messages to callers irrespective of the varying requirements of each caller. By having their website on the same screen then links (url) to information a client wants can be copied and placed in the URL shortener [13] ready to paste into a new text message !

Creating Text Messages

You can create a completely new text message by clicking on CLEAR DATA to empty the Message box ready to write. Using the example of the car dealer they pasted the copied URL into the shortener, clicked on "Shorten URL" then copied it into the Message box [15] where they add their text and send whilst they're still in conversation with the caller. That's first class service and will undoubtedly impress the caller who you stand a much greater chance of selling to because of this!

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