Sending a text message to a caller

The problem your staff face is that they have no easy and quick way to send a text message to someone they're speaking to on a call plus have you ever thought how difficult it is to hold a conversation and compile a text message at the same time. Not only that but from what device are they going to send the text from... staff are highly unlikely to send it from their own mobiles and of course management certainly wouldn't want them to anyway. So given these issues it is understandable why no text messages get sent!

With the SMS Desktop Platform your staff don't have to worry about little things like that. With pre-formatted text messages its just one click to display the message and one click to send and it's on its way!

We have replicated this part of our Platforms below where you can see for yourself how easy and quick it is to sent a text message. Choose one of the pre-formatted SMS and you'll see it appear in the MESSAGE box, enter your mobile number in the field below, fill the other fields then click SUBMIT.

Apply your thinking to what messages you would like to send out for your business not forgetting that our Platforms allow you to grab a link from your website, shorten it in the URL shortener built into the Platform, then use that in any messages your compiling. You will begin to realise how powerful it can be in providing data to a prospective customer whilst at the same time grabbing valuable data... their mobile number!

To test the outbound message system below just tap one of the four pre-formatted message buttons, enter your mobile number and other detaisl and then SUBMIT


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