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The use and application of the Info Quick service is only limited by the boundaries of one's imagination. Here are a few more ways in which it can be used...


Space is almost always limited on tubes, bottles and boxes of medication and yet by its very nature is at a time, after the doctors appointment, when advice and re-assurance may still be sought. By placing an Info Quick number, which even on a small tube can be easily incorporated into the packaging design, the patient can access very quickly the information they require.

DIY Stores

When you visit a DIY store you are very often unsure on the best way to tackle a task or project and consequently to which products to buy. Many DIY stores have a range of video tutorials to help their customers and so one great use of an Info Quick number would be to provide consumers with quick and easy access to these videos on their Smartphone whilst they're in the store !

Exhibition Stands

By placing an Info Quick number on the display stands and literature many people will use it to obtain online information quickly. This could increase the likelihood of them coming on to the stand but from the exhibitors perspective it allows them to collect hundreds of mobile numbers of potential new clients where they know what product/s they were interested in and how to interact with them.

Radio Advertising

Info Quick numbers are ideally suited to radio advertising because consumers don't have the patience to type a web site address they hear in an advert into their Smartphone. A call to an Info Quick number however takes them straight to the relevant web page whilst also providing other options from the menu including the direct calling of the advertiser's customer services or sales department.

Vehicle Branding

A vehicle is an ideal platform from which to promote a business as they are often left in full view of hundreds of consumers every day but careful thought needs to go into the most effective way to achieve this. Using an Info Quick number provides a superb all round package from an option for the caller to make a voice call from within the menu, providing options to access online information about the business and the business is capturing every caller's mobile number.

Live Radio

There can be many uses for an Info Quick number on live radio programmes such as competition lines, voting and even What's on features where callers can be taken immediately to the web pages they want to view, to get to the information they want now! Building up a database of callers mobile numbers can also be utilised for very useful purposes such as alerting people to local breaking news stories and serious traffic problems through text message (SMS) alerts.

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