Affordable Lead Generation!

We realise that whilst all businesses need new sales and new sales means generating leads, that our SMS Platforms provide functionality that some businesses may only use occasionally, but they can see the huge benefit for their business in its lead generation capabilities.

So we decided to create a platform built around a common dedicated local number designed specifically to generate leads from engagement with that local Info Quick number. Consumers can be quite sceptical of mobile numbers they don't recognise and certainly the short code text only numbers which often attract an increased charge compared to the cost of a normal text message. So when they see and recognise a local code number it increases substantially their confidence to engage with it and especially when they see local businesses promoting their products and services with that same number.

KeyWords/KeyCodes would be allocated to a business in the setup process which they would then use in their marketing. Any engagement by a consumer with those KeyWords/KeyCodes would result in the captured data being emailed immediately to the business, who as the data controller will then decide what level of customer service they want to provide next to that consumer.

Info Quick's task is to provide the mechanism to capture then send the data on to the business and the great news for the business owner is that once the setup fee has been paid the system is very much based around usage. In essence this means that, subject to the Usage Fee level being attained each month (see below) then a business will only pay for generated leads!

Details of costs for the Basic and Basic+ platforms are shown below.

For a demonstration of how simple the process is just tap the enquiry button below and we will make arrangements for one of our local agents to contact you.

Prices ex vat
Setup Fee
£ 149
£ 199
Lead Fee
from 0.50
from 0.50
*Usage Fee (mth)
from £5.00
from £5.00
Basic+ :This lead generation platform provides the identical service to the Basic except that you will have your own exclusive Info Quick number which you would use in your marketing activities.

*Usage Fee: This is a monthly fee which is calculated on the last day of every month and is reduced by the value of the lead fees generated by your marketing activity. So lets take for example the basic usage fee of £5 and on the day of calculation the lead fees total £4.60. The usage fee would be just 40p and the total monthly payment £5 because of the shortfall. Conversely if the lead fees totalled £8.00 then the total payment for the month would be £8.00 with NO usage fee being charged! This system encourages you to keep marketing your Info Quick KeyWords/KeyCodes and if you speak with your agent they will be more than happy to discuss the many ways in which they can be used to generate leads.