Automating repetitive processes

In any organisation a percentage of inbound customer calls will waste valuable time resources and could be dealt with just as effectively through an automated process... even providing some positive advantages !

  • Releases staff time to complete more productive tasks
  • Can be used to capture valuable data from callers
  • Can send this data directly to your system
  • Bespoke construction no matter how complex
  • Perfect for out of hours data capture
You can test a live demo to experience how it would function for any processes you want to automate. However the demo is only setup to respond to pre-programmed answers and any deviation from those will result in a “we do not recognise…” message being returned.

Demo Scenario

You are an Estate Agency that manages over 200 properties for your clients and regularly receive high numbers of calls from tenants reporting urgent and non urgent repairs. These calls can very often take over 10 minutes to deal with!

Instead of taking down the information, either by hand or directly into your software system, then as soon as your staff establish the call falls into this category they'll open up the appropriate pre-formatted text message from their platform.

They explain to the tenant that they've just been sent a text message and they're to follow the instructions in the text. The reporting of the repair will be registered and they'll receive confirmation of that from the system. This would be a two minute call maximum !

Normally a company would send the initial text message from their platform so in order to replicate this just text the word START to 01743 562188 and when you receive the reply just provide the answers as shown below.

You will need to send the following as answers (use lower case) to the questions you'll receive…

report / 8 / 4 / 3 / 6 / ab123456