Generate leads with Info Quick Local!

All over the UK you will find local free newspapers who have become recognised very much as the “Local Directory” for services across all sectors. Interestingly whilst a high proportion of consumers will tell you they only look at them occasionally the fact is that millions of us will grab the local free newspaper first to have a quick look... such as when you’re considering new windows, a home extension or need a plumber fast for example!

This is a perfect example of offline marketing!

It doesn’t matter where and how you market your company offline, when consumers see something that catches their attention you can almost guarantee they'll want to visit your website quickly to get more information... and hopefully to place an order!

So ask yourself a very important question... how quickly will it take those visitors to find what they're looking for... because if it's too long they'll just go somewhere else!

Consumers do NOT have the patience anymore to spend ages searching your website for that product they've just seen in your beautifully designed advert! The advert worked in that it seduced them into wanting to find out more but it is so frustrating when your analytics are unable to provide the data you need to communicate with those consumers immediately... let's face it those visitors were in the mood to buy!

This could never happen with info Quick Local... WHY... because Info Quick encourages you to think differently about how you get people to go to your website!

So how does Info Quick Local work?
Very simple… through text messaging! Sending and receiving texts is something that has no age barriers, we’re all very comfortable with texting, consumers don’t need to download an app, you're not asking them to do anything complicated and for the vast majority of us they're free because we have unlimited texts as part of our monthly mobile package.

Think outside the box...
This is a typical small newspaper advert or direct mail flyer pushed through letterboxes right across the UK. There's a SALE coming up and they want you to visit their website to see which products have the 50% discount so naturally their website address features prominantly in the advert.

But as stated previously you'll have no way of contacting anyone who responds!

Now take a look at the same advert where you'll see we've changed it subtly but still with the same objective... to drive people to the website. We've achieved this through removing the website address but replaced it with the exclusive use KeyWord this business has plus the dedicated Info Quick Local telephone number for that area... readers would then simply text that word to the number!

Within a matter of seconds they will receive a welcome text message plus a link DIRECTLY to the page that shows all the Sale products so not only is it essentially a free service but the consumer gets IMMEDIATELY to where they want to!

Another critical point here is that because it is an an instantly recognisable local telephone number then unlike mobile and short code numbers, where the public are always a little suspicious, then consumers are far more likely to respond.

But the overwhelming reason for a business to seriously consider integrating Info Quick Local into their marketing strategy is that every single time someone sends your code to the dedicated Info Quick Local number for your area then you will receive an email immediately providing you with the consumers mobile number as part of the service we provide.

How easy is it to set up?
If it's available then you can assign your chosen KeyWord or KeyCode and have it allocated to the Info Quick Local number for your Town or City within a matter of minutes. If you prefer to have your own Info Quick Local number with the extra flexibility this offers then this will take a little longer but certainly within the hour!

So whether you're planning a sales campaign for today, next week or next month and you're planning on using using direct mail and/or newspaper/magazine advertising then there's no time like the present to get your KeyWords or KeyCodes all set up and tested ready for your big campaign!

All we need to get you up and running, apart from your contact and payment details, are your chosen KeyWord/KeyCode, the webpage URL you want to be shortened and used in the text message reply and finally the precise text message wording. Then subject to payment being processed it will be live and ready for your campaign.

How do I proceed?
As they say "seeing is believing" and so we would thoroughly recommend you make an appointment with one of our agents to call and demonstrate exactly how Info Quick Local works in generating genuinely positive leads for your business. To do this just tap the button below and give us a call.

We also offer a Skype Video demonstration, either with your local agent or one of our sales staff, where we can take you right through the process and complete the setting up of your unique KeyWord/KeyCode so you could literally be LIVE in a matter of minutes!

Try the Demo
You can see for yourself how Info Quick Local can work for your business in generating leads by trying the demo shown in the amended advert above!

The text will be charged by your mobile provider at their standard rate. If you wish to be removed from our database then simply text the word STOP to the same number and you will be removed immediately.