Magazine Advertising

This is a magazine advert in a regional glossy magazine and the owners of this furniture business will have spent a great deal of time going over the design of the advert with the sole objective to drive consumers to their site and buy their furniture.

So it's a great pity that whilst Google Analytics will provide masses of data for them to analyse what it won't do is allow you to engage immediately with anyone who does visit the website from that advert. The word immediate is absolutely critical here! If you're in business to sell products then with a high degree of certainty at the very moment in time the person looked at the furniture they became a genuine lead and someone any business would want to talk to!

Info Quick's bespoke SMS System will do precisely that... it will alert you immediately of the mobile number of the person who visited your site and tell you exactly what they looked at! This would apply to absolutely any offline situation... flyers, exhibition signage, printed catalogues, business cards, indeed an endless list!

Don't believe us... well lets try and explain how easy it is with just minor adjustments to an advert and then you can test it for yourself.

You will see below how the advert could be redesigned where we've made some adjustments to the layout. We've zoomed in on the section that provides consumers with pretty straightforward instructions on how to view whichever range of beds they're interested in on their mobile. Go on and give it a go and see what happens!