When consumers call your business...

...they want answers quickly, no matter what the reason for the call ! So when you have Info Quick's Outbound SMS Platform one click away then that's exactly what will happen... a quick answer !

  • One click access
  • Ready to go SMS
  • Create your own SMS
  • Capture critical data
  • Flexible payment options
  • Dedicated Info Quick number

Make consumers engage with your business...

Consumers online patience has worn extremely thin in fact we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish... less than 8 seconds!!

They want to see what they want to see online quickly and so with the Keywords generated by Info Quick's Inbound SMS Platform then that's exactly what will happen !

  • Keywords set up in seconds
  • Multiple ways to use Keywords
  • Ease of use for consumers
  • Free for most consumers
  • Bespoke system
  • Dedicated Info Quick number

Market sectors that would benefit greatly from using either of our platforms are...


Info Quick have developed an instructions winning system where buyers can access property details in less than ten seconds and agents will capture valuable data to secure new listings.

Home Improvements

This sector are regular offline advertisers and giving your website address for readers to visit your site is standard but you'll never know who they are, what they've looked at or how to contact them. You will with Info Quick!

Car Dealerships

Buying a car is a time consuming exercise and quite often people walk around a showroom and don't engage with sales staff. Info Quick provdes the mechanism to extend the level of customer service and by so doing increase sales opportunities!

Direct Mail

This form of marketing continues to be successful for both local and national brands but once again placing a website address on a flyer is not going to provide any contact data but using Info Quick will do just that!

Professional Services

Accountants, Solicitors, Architects are an example of the professional services sector that are not known for their aggressive marketing indeed it is often considered that any marketing they do is very low key. Which makes it the perfect environment for Info Quick!


Medical products are very often quite small which results in limited space. Utilising Info Quick can provide fast access to critical online information in seconds without a need to have a large area of space on the packaging.

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