Automating Processes

Info Quick provide a viable and cost effective solution for all those businesses who deal with high volumes of inbound customer calls that are of a repetitive nature and where staff time reosurces could be more productively used elsewhere!

Personal Data

Info Quick have developed a stand alone second tier security process specifically for dealing with inbound phone calls to departments such as customer accounts where personal data can be easily compromised if the caller has stolen one of their customer's information!

Customer Engagement

Info Quick are currently developing a system designed for SMB's where they will have the flexibility to deal with their customers in whichever way the customer prefers. So if they want you to deal with them through WhatsApp or Messenger then so be it, by SMS no problem and traditional voice calls only then this can all be handled from the one platform!


Info Quick have developed an application that provides a secondary tier of security that stands outside a businesses main system and where security staff can authenticate someone on the spot who is attempting to gain entry and then deal with that situation accordingly. This will be ideally suited to an event where entry is by ticket only or premises such as night clubs.

Appointment Reminders

Info Quick have developed an application that helps beauty salon owners to minimise the financial losses caused when clients fail to turn up for appointments. The problem is quite widespread but our solution helps considerably because clients receive automated text message reminders and because of this the salon know in advance if they're not coming which gives them chance to fill that vacant time slot! .

Offline Advertising

Info Quick provides a quite unique lead generation system that's extremely cost effective and works seamlessly with any offline press advertising, flyers, posters, exhibition signage, etc. Businesses spend most of their marketing budgets these days online and they would be ill advised not too BUT because we still live in an offline world then there are many ways to benefit from our system!


When that idea pops into your head and you realise it could save the company a great deal of money then those are the moments that should inspire you to start the process of turning that vision into reality!

This will probabaly include endless hours of research, design and due diligence exercises combined with ensuring regulatory compliance before carrying out detailed costings.

But sometimes the sheer size and cost of bringing the idea to life can be quite daunting and often gets left to gather dust but it doesn't have to be that way!

Info Quick can utilise it's skills to work with businesses in confidence to assist in the development of innovative projects and if relevant to that proejct then our profitabilty can be linked to its ongoing use where consequently our assistance in the development stages can be very cost effective.