WHY... because we only advertise online!

Businesses think offline press adverts and flyers don't work anymore... "the problem is you never know when people have seen your advert and visited your website"... but with Info Quick Local no matter where consumers see your advert, even if its the smallest classified, if they go to your site you will know immediately!

Watch the video to see how !

WHY ...analytics tell us ALL we need to know!

Really... I don't think so!

For example it doesn't tell you when someone has responded to your 'offline' magazine advert by being directed to the page on your website for the advertised product... and it certainly wouldn't enable you to engage with that person immediately!

If your analytics don't provide this functionality then you really do need to talk to us!

WHY ...because we always send emails!

Really... you cannot be serious... only around 20% of emails are opened so around 80% never read your sales message... this is not productive! Surely it makes sense to look at other methods to run alongside your email campaigns and where there's a greater chance of your message being read and the likelihood of INCREASED SALES !

WHY ...because we receive too many calls

All the more reason to look at releasing valuable staff time resources by channeling repetitive inbound call tasks to an automated text based system... just think of the INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY !

WHY ...because we remind clients by phone

What a costly way to remind clients of their appointment ! Staff time could be better resourced by automating this process which alerts you to cancelations much earlier... just imagine the INCREASED ROI!

WHY ...because it takes too long!

By the time your staff have thought "how can I send a text message to this caller" it's too late... the moment's gone! Info Quick's desktop platform allows your staff to send a message in seconds... try the demo and see for yourself!

So... can Info Quick improve my ROI?

Without a doubt... the platform can improve your return on investment because it will increase the level of engagement with your target audience and increasing that engagement should by that fact alone, result in increased sales.

But it is not just sales where it will improve ROI but in time management where automating some of your more repetitive customer facing tasks will mean you will maximise staff time resources by allocating that released time on more productive tasks.

The platform makes it very easy for a business to communicate with their target audience because they will have SMS, Keyword Lead Generation, Instant Messaging, Reminders, Automated SMS and more all available from their desktop PC!

Value Added Functionality

Lead Generation

Info Quick provides a quite unique lead generation system that's extremely cost effective and works seamlessly with your local offline press advertising, flyers, posters, etc.

Telephone Qualified Leads

Qualification of leads is critical in today's competitive environment and is a service Info Quick can offer as an extension of the lead generation services we already provide.

Instant Messaging

Consumers demand instant attention these days and is one of the side effects of the always on generation who expect answers at the touch of a button. So to provide that extra layer of customer service for those moments when it is not possible will ENHANCE a businesses PROFILE.

Customer Rewards

There's nothing quite like a retailer's voucher or indeed any company as long as it is of value to the consumer. With the huge growth in mobile ownership and advances in technology then companies investing in mobile voucher schemes will see a POSITIVE RETURN on INVESTMENT.

Digital Brochures

Engagement with consumers in the 21st century demands eye catching imagery rather than endless paragraphs and as one of the best ways to engage with consumers is to give away valuable information in the form of an eBrochure or PDF then it's important to get the design right.

Software Solutions

Having the vision is one thing… the capital to turn a vision into reality is quite another. Info Quick can help turn these ideas into a working business application through our ability to listen and deliver concepts and solutions that will not drain your budget.

Info Quick will deliver solutions to generate
revenue for ALL businesses that embrace it.